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Widespread pain may vary from person-to-person and from day-to-day.

Our Pain Management Specialists use a combination of methods based on your needs.

Taking part in wellness and a better life.

Walkout Relaxed & Recharged

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Experiencing aches and pains in your body is normal. But when these aches and pains persist for longer periods of time and make it difficult for you to move, you have to start asking a few questions.

Applying Rolfing deep Tissue techniques and reflex points on the feet and


hands, reflexology is a great way to distress and restore. Using trigger point


techniques, muscle stripping and joint mobilization, this therapy aims to


release pain and chronic tension areas in the body. 


One of the major causes of body aches is a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting in one


place for longer periods of time, incorrect or bad posture and lack of exercise,


all contribute to body pain.

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